How we're tackling cancer

Little by little, we’re getting the measure of cancer. Detecting it earlier. Getting better at treating it. Surviving it more. In fact, TWICE as many people survive cancer in Scotland today compared to 30 years ago.* Here you can see how we’re bringing cancer down to size.

*Source: ISD, Trends in Cancer Survival in Scotland 1971-1995; 1983-2007.

Early detection

The earlier we find cancer, the easier it is to treat. For instance, 9 out of 10 people now survive bowel cancer when it's diagnosed early. And Scots are almost 20 times more likely to survive lung cancer if it's detected at an early stage compared to a late stage. If you're worried about a symptom, or you notice any unusual change in your body, don't let fear or embarrassment stop you from getting it checked. Get along to your GP. It's probably nothing but if it is something, they have a better chance of successfully treating it if it's caught early. So, don't get scared, get checked.

Research breakthroughs

Every day in the UK, thousands of scientists, doctors and nurses are researching cancer. At this moment we know more about what we're dealing with than ever before. And we’re learning more all the time. Every research study deepens our understanding of how and why cancer develops. Every result helps us find ways to prevent, diagnose and treat it. Every breakthrough gives us more reason to hope and saves more lives.

Treatment advances

We’re finding better ways to treat cancer all the time. New medicines and treatments are being constantly tested and developed. They’re all helping to improve survival rates. Thanks to these innovations, cancer isn’t as big and scary as it used to be. It can be beaten and it can often be cured. Find out more in the story so far.